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College Orientation
College Orientation College Orientation
Community Service
Community Service jrotc
Dick&SusanPlaque Astronaut Dick Gordon at Vets & Cadets dinner.
EL Academy at JROTC
EL Academy at JROTC Racquet stringing at JROTC EL Academy
Fly Away
Fly Away
Fourth of July parade.
Fourth of July parade. JROTC begins collaboration with the Space Station Museum.
Fun Olympics
Fun Olympics Treat time at the Fun Olympics
Fun Olympics
Fun Olympics Marin JROTC at regional Fun Olympics
Golf team
Golf team JROTC Golf Team
Great America
Great America Great America JROTC trip
Helo Rides
Helo Rides
JROTC Family Chili Cookoff
JROTC Family Chili Cookoff Ladies reporting for duty at family chili cook-off
July 4 Parade
July 4 Parade Marching with the Space Station Museum
Memorial Day 2010
Memorial Day 2010 Memorial Day Ceremonies
Memorial Day Ceremonies
Memorial Day Ceremonies
Scholarship Award
Scholarship Award Scholarship Award